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Spend Management

Integrated Service Specialists is one of the industry's most experienced providers of Spend Management solutions. Our products and services today serve many clients and suppliers nationwide. For over six years, our solutions have helped customers launch successful Spend Management initiatives within months, not years. Typical customer benefits include:

  • Greater than 15% reduction in costs

  • Significantly enhanced buyer/supplier relationships

  • Electronic billing consolidation

  • Benchmarking and cost accounting

A complete solution set includes all the tools needed to more efficiently manage commercial spending for significant bottom-line results. Our model perfected over 6 years, provides tremendous speed and cost savings, including:

  • Operational implementation within weeks

  • Full return on investment (ROI) within months

The combination of applications for spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, e-procurement, and payment & reconciliation along with services such as implementation, supplier enablement and system administration allows organizations to streamline their corporate spend and reduce their overall costs.

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